Weight Watchers

Please click here to view or download our advice sheet on keeping your pet at a healthy weight.

Joining our weight watchers clinic, and changing to the recommended prescription diet,entitles you to your first bag half price.

Weight watcher of the month, on a prescription diet, will win a free bag of food.



Max Beckett is our weight watcher of the month for March.

Max’s initial weight in February was 44.6kg. He lost 2kg during March and now weighs 42.6kg. This is equivalent to 4.48% of his total body weight. Well done to Max and his family for their dedication to his diet.

Maddy Brown is our weight watcher of the month for April.

Maddy lost 0.6kg decreasing from 11.7kg to 11.1kg body weight,this is an amazing 5% loss of body weight.

Betty Kearney is our weight watcher of the month for May.

Betty lost 2.1kg decreasing from 14.1kg to 12kg loosing a phenomenal 14.9% body weight! Betty has now lost a total of 3.5kg, on 23 July her weight is 10.6kg. She is now near her target weight and is much more comfortable and walking with a spring in her step! Betty is also our weight watcher for July.

Bruno McBurney is our weight watcher for the month of June.

Bruno lost 4.94% body weight dropping 2.4kg from 48.6kg to 46.2kg. Well done. In July Bruno lost another 1.9kg and weighs 44.3kg. Great work!! on 17 October Bruno weighed in at 42.5kg. He looks great now and is much livelier.

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