Pet Dental Specialists

Pet Dental Specialists

Does your pet need a vet dentist? Your pet's teeth are crucial to their all-round well-being. Whether you have a dog, cat or rabbit it's important that you don't neglect their teeth and visit dental vets regularly as lots of problems can arise because of poor dental hygiene.

If the worst happens and you suspect that your pet requires expert dental treatment, get in touch with us immediately on 02891 454129

Dental Experts in Northern Ireland & Ireland

Rathgael Veterinary Clinic has been treating animals with dental problems for many years - our experience and success has made us one of the top pet dental surgeries in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Our Dental Surgeons

Richard Kelly, MVB MRCVS Principal

Richard Kelly, our principal veterinarian is a fully accredited and vastly experienced animal dental surgeon. Specialising particularly in dog, cat and rabbit dentistry, Richard has performed hundreds of dental operations on animals of all shapes and size over the last 30 years. He regularly accepts dental referrals from other vets all over the country that don't specialise in the field.

Jane Reilly, BVSc MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Jane Reilly is one of the top veterinary surgeons in the country. With invaluable experience working in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. She regularly performs dental procedures on pets and advises on good dental hygiene.

We specialise in treating:

- Damaged & broken teeth
- Gum disease
- Misaligned teeth
- Periodontal disease
- Tooth trauma
- Tooth root abscess

We also perform Ultrasonic Scaling and teeth polishing to help combat teeth and gum problems that can develop.

What Animals do we treat?

We treat Dogs, Cats and Rabbits for dental conditions.

Our Facilities

Based in Brook Lane in Bangor Northern Ireland, Rathgael Veterinary Clinic offers a modern, top-end dental theatre to better treat your pet. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we will care for your animal in the best possible manner. If surgery is required, we offer quiet recovery environments that will keep your pet relaxed until you can pick them up!

Our Guarantee

We are passionate about animals and can guarantee that your pet will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism during their examination and treatment at Rathgael Veterinary Clinic.